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Garden Mulch

Garden Mulch

A triple blend that is similar to our aged Dark Double, with an added leaf compost. Ideal for planting/growth areas, as the compost acts as a long-term nutrient source. This is commonly used in annual and perennial beds.

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Mulch Calculator

Need to figure out how many yards of mulch you need? Just enter the length, width and depth of the area and let us do the math for you.

Enter the length (in feet) of the space

Enter the width (in feet) of the space

Enter the depth (in inches) of the space (2" to 4" recommended)

1 cubic yard of mulch equals 13.5 bags of mulch

How much is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard of mulch is the equivalent to ~13.5 bags of mulch. See the image below for a visual reference:

visual of a yard mulch relative to an average person

What if I need more than 30 yards?

If you need more than 30 cubic yards, give us a call and we'll schedule a delivery.

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